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Alot of my symptoms did not start until I was a teen and have been spread out over the past 20 years or so. Considering I spent 6 years in the military as an advanced medic working with alot of really smart people I feel pretty stupid for nto adding things up before. Needless to say I have had repeated health issues that Dr after Dr could not figure out. At one point I was in and out of ER's 3-4 times a week for random attacks doing my impression of the stay puff marshemllow man. I will kind of get to the point.

I moved from Dr to Dr over the years looking for answers and slowly believing I was having each new health issue addressed. Not to long after a new problem would pop up. Every so often an old one as well. Needless to say I gave up on Dr's for many years. During all of this (@19yrs old) I developed a weird rash that Dermi's could not get rid of with anything on my neck. Slowly this rash spread to where it now covers all of my neck and about 40% of my chest. Its size and shape has changed and I figured I was just stuck with it or I picked up some rare rash during my overseas travels.

Over the past 5 years I thought my health was relatively good with the exception of joint problems and random kidney issues with no root cause. I went to the ER for the kindey problems and that was it. Surgeons for the joint problems but no other Dr's due to past failures. My wife started riding my back because she thought I was slowly starting to deterorate again and made me go find a Dr. I guess I got lucky and found an Internal Med Doc that I liked who is really smart and listened. Over the past 6 months we have been working through items I have neglected for years. Two months ago I started havign kidney pain, blood in urine, etc again. Once again alot of tests and nothing wrong was found with my kidney. A hernia was found and fixed. I wrote of the kidney issues again because I am an idiot. I saw my Dr again last week for the rash and weird spots on my arms and chest. He did a bit of research and two biopsies. We talked for a while and one possibility he mentioned was an autoimmune possibility. I did not think much of it again becuase I am an idiot. Curiousity got the best of me two days after the biopsies so I started reseaching my rashes again. That is when I ran across a ton of information on Lupus. I kind of blew it of since I am not a woman but most of the pics I saw were nagging me with the voice in my head, "Wow looks like you dip****".

The more I read the more I kept smacking myself. Things that I wrote of as little stuff that came and went started addign up as a very large list. So I put together a list and did more research. I see my Dr next week again for biopsy results and to talk about my sleep issues. Here is what my list looks like. Not all of these happen at the same time both some due tend to overlap.

Rash covering all of neck and chest that will not go away.
Rash on checks and nose (come and goes away)
Both get worse in sunlight.
Sores in nose that take forever to heal.
Random Joint pain.
Protien in Urine
Blood in Urine
Kidney Pain
Kidney Infections
Chronic Fatigue and exhaustion
Light Sensetiviy
Cold hands and Feet all the time.
Night sweats

I am probably jumping the gun on this but I am finding it hard to ignore the math at the time and I am stressing. On one hand it would be a relief to finally have an answer on the other the rarity of this disease in men and information on dealing with it stress me the **** out.

Thanks for listening.



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Hi There, That is quite a list of symptoms. Don't feel silly for not putting it together, many Patients don't (sadly, many Docs. don't either).
Can I stress to you very strongly about sun protection and sun avoidance, it really can make a big difference to your symptoms. Not just the rash but fatigue and pain also. There is plenty of advice here on the subject and it is reliable. You sound sensible and are going to be able to advocate for yourself very well I am sure, but there will be things you will want to talk about here and maybe get some practical advice.
Good Luck with the appointments. Regards also to your Wife, she sounds sensible and concerned.
x Lola

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Hi G,

First of all welcome to the lupus site. You have found a good source of up to date info about lupus.

I don't think it is that rare for men to have lupus. I know the percentage is smaller than of a woman. I have sle (female) and my brother has sle. There are several men members on this lupus site.

It is good you have done a biopsy with your rash. There is some people on the board that have been diagnosed that way.

You need to find a rhemuatologist that specializes in lupus. Not all rhumey's are well versed in lupus.

Good luck with your appointment. Please keep us informed on how your appointment goes.

Take care,

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Please don't let you being a man confuse the issue of lupus. Men have it too. This is not a disease that sees age, race, color, gender, or life style. Most of us remember being pretty healthy up until the disease got active in our lives. I can't say you have lupus only a doctor can do that, but it sounds like you might be on the right track. Some advise if you don't mind: Take a deep breath, Don't worry about things that have not happened yet. It is important to deal with the things you already know. You said depression, Are you on something for that? This can help to lessen some the stress you are feeling. I too have a lot of kidney infections of and on so keep this in mind and get them treated as they come up, don't waiste time at all. We are here if you need someone to talk with as getting the dx does help but once it sinks in there are a lot of other feelings that come to the top of the list. You are lucky your wife was watching out for you otherwise it could of been many more years before you listen to your body again.
I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming appointment.
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