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I figure since I was away for so long, you all should hear what I was up to, and in my current state of mind (anxious), it will do me some good to blow my own horn!

I have:

  1. Been part of a fundraising team that has raised over $300M for medical research and clinical care since 2005.
  2. Trekked the Machu Picchu trail with my mother, both of my sisters, and one of my brothers to celebrate my most excellent and adventurous mother's 65th birthday,
  3. Completed three quilts - I keep promising the next one will be for me, but I love giving them away too much!
  4. Tried (unsuccessfully) to learn the Bach Goldberg variations. Gone back to practicing scales, will try again someday!
  5. Sang in Beethoven's 9th Symphony (the "Ode to Joy") twice, as well as ~20 other choral performances.
  6. Hiked trails in the Canadian Rockies, the Gulf Islands (think "Snow Falling on Cedars"), and Peru,
  7. Learned some Spanish,
  8. Finally took the plunge and got braces to fix the big gap in my smile - one year down, one to go!
Some of those overlap (can't really go to Peru without learning some Spanish first), but I'm really feeling the need to remind myself that at some point I'll be able to do some (hopefully all) of these things again. I just let my chorus conductor know that I won't be able to sing in our next big concert, which is 3 weeks away. I just don't think that I'll be able to do 6 days straight of rehearsal/performance from 7-10 or 11 every night while working full time, and that kind of concession is difficult for me to make!

Looking forward to getting this exacerbation under control!

Take care everyone!


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Hi Lisa :hug:

It's not easy when we look at what we could do in the past or during a good phase. It's easy to say that we musn't look back but not possible to do all the time. We all do it from time to time and it can be very hard.

sending hugs and positive vibes to chase your exacerbation away


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Wow Lisa! What an amount of achievements! You must be very proud of yourself :)

I hope this flare can be knocked back quickly for you and you can go on to even bigger and better things :hugbetter: Maybe use your time now planning your next adventures ;)

Your Mum sounds wonderful. My daughter went to Machu Picchu two years ago and loved it. She has some beautiful photographs and memories.

Hang in there....

Luv n stuff

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Wow Lisa

How fantastic to have achieved all those things. I hope that you soon recover to your full strength.

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