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White Bumps??

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Hi I have been diagnosed with Lupus back in December of 2007.I got too experience alot of things so far like hair loss,mouth sores,rashes, but the one thing that has happend recently and i would just like to know if this is part of lupus on my thumb its colored of course from the lupus but the last two days these white bumps popped up on my thumb it almost looks like a blister but its not but it feels like a callis. How you spell it i hope you can make that out. So if anyone has had this happend too them please let me know. And they do hurt if i try to touch them. Thanks Laura
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Hi Laura,

I get these as well on the pads of my fingertips (where the print is). They do look like blisters but there is no fluid in them. When the pop out, they are itchy for a second, but then turn quite painful when touched. I have always thought they were part of my lupus, but have never mentioned them to the doctor..I always forget. They usually start up at the beginning of a flare, which I have not had in 2 years.

There is a type of lupus which involves blisters called bullous lupus, but I think it is more widespread than the fingers.

Hi Laura, well, it never stops amazing me, I can still learn something new on this sight nearly every day, and I have had Lupus for a very long time. I have not had those white bumps that you describe, not on my finger pads,but I have had them along the sides of my fingers,but mine have water in them. I think you should show them to your Rheumy before they disappear, and they will be in your file. Be well.

Now that you mention it i did have these bumps,, YEARS ago.
right were the ring goes on the finger and they too were very itchy. I remember scratching them til they were almost raw.

This was during the time i developed skin lupus when they never diagnosed right. The called it Foxfordyce disease. The prescribed a steroidal cream for it and it went away

I had to learn to keep my hands and body out of perfumed liquids or any chemicals. This would set it off like a flare.

Good luck
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Thank You

Im glad Im able to have people like you to help me. I will get hold of my dr and let her know. Thanks Again! :)
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