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white patches

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So i went to the doctor and i have white patches on the back of my throat but it's not strep and it's not mono? I'm not sure what else it can be but i did read on the internet about canker sores and i do get a lot in my mouth but never in my throat could that be it? Anyone have symptoms like this?
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Hi Alisia,

Did the doctor do a culture? What did he think it was?

The white patches could be oral thrush. The following site has a small photo:

It could also be mucus that has drained from your nasal cavity.

Take care,
Well i was also google-ing white patches and cellcept came up. I had just been put back on cellcept about a month ago and that can be a side effect. I called and asked my doctor, still waiting to hear back.
Hi Alisia,

I haven't seen white patches listed as a side effect of Cell Cept. Do you remember which site you saw it on?

Hi Breanne:)

I found these links which show white patches on the mouth to be a possible side effect of Cellcept

Luv n stuff
I still havent heard anything. My test results are supposed to be in today i'll probably call this afternoon my throat still hurts a little. It seems to be getting better though

Thank you for the links.

Enjoy the weekend,
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