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Who Else Uses Enbrel or Humira?

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I have been on Enbrel for the past 4 months and have found it to be incredibly helpful - for 4 days out of 7... At my last visit to the Rheumy on Tuesdays she suggested we try Humira for the next 3 months to see if it will give me relief for a longer period of time. I am also taking Methodextrate - though I really want off that - it is making all my hair fall out.

I have RA with my Lupus. My Lupus seems pretty well under control - but the joint pain remains terrible. Without the Enbrel I was losing flexibility in my hips in a rapid rate. With the Enbrel I manage really well for 3 1/2 days; alright (but not pain free) for 2 days and only 1 1/2 days of pain (it takes 1/2 a day for the Enrel to take effect). I've managed to stay off Pred for 4 months now - the longest since my diagnosis nearly 3 years ago. My Rheumy added the Metho about 3 months ago in an attempt to get it to cover the full 7 days between injections - but no real luck - just a lot of hair lost.

Is anyone else on Enbrel or Humira? Does it help you? Has anyone else tried both? Which one worked best? I'd love to hear about other's experiences - good or bad - so I can get an idea what to expect from Humira. I take my first shot next Friday.

Thanks for the help!

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I have been on Enbrel for a year now and it has been great for me. It lasts the full 7 days everytime. I also take 20mg a week of Methotrexate and 400mg per day of Plaquenil. On top of that I am on a myriad of other medications for different things including Fibromyalgia and other unrelenting pain. I am on 2 "triplicate" pain medications Fentanyl patches and Methadone, I also take Mobic. The combination of everything has finally worked. I am able to go shopping without a wheelchair now. I have even been able to reduce the amount of Methadone I take.

I hope the Humira works for you. I have heard good things about it from a couple of local friends with RA.

Take care,

My sister has RA (I have SLE what a family hey!) and she took part in some of the drug trials of Enbrel when it was first introduced in the UK. After some intitial teething problems so did really good on it for a year or so (Which was great news as she was maxing out on Methotrexate and had pretty much lost most of her hair) then she picked up a nasty kidney infection and went into kidney failure so they swapped her to humira. She had the same effect and again felt better but again picked up another infection so now she wont risk another anti TNF drug. She has 3 young kids and has worked out for her it is better for her to work around being in agony or not able to move rather than her have major life threatening infections.

She is about to start on Rituximab which gives us all some hope cos these work on Bcells so should be kinder to her body.

Have you asked anyone on the nras forum about it? Cos I am a newbie it wont let me put the website up here but if you type nras in a search engine it should come up.

All the best
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Thanks for the replys!

Karen - I rember now that we talked about Enbrel when I first started it. Thanks again for the positive feedback - it is so good to hear that it works for someone else.

KitKat - thank you as well for the report regarding your sister. To date I have been very surprised regarding my lack of any type of infection. I have not even had so much as the sniffles. Does this mean that my immune system was so overactive that even with all these meds stiffling it, my immune system continues to fignt infections?! I do live a somewhat isolated life - I work from home. Maybe that is my saving grace. Anyways, I will continue to be careful with regards to the infection risk. I will check out the NRAS site later today - thanks for the heads up.

Again, thanks for the replies.

National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society link :)

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