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I have been on Enbrel for a year now and it has been great for me. It lasts the full 7 days everytime. I also take 20mg a week of Methotrexate and 400mg per day of Plaquenil. On top of that I am on a myriad of other medications for different things including Fibromyalgia and other unrelenting pain. I am on 2 "triplicate" pain medications Fentanyl patches and Methadone, I also take Mobic. The combination of everything has finally worked. I am able to go shopping without a wheelchair now. I have even been able to reduce the amount of Methadone I take.

I hope the Humira works for you. I have heard good things about it from a couple of local friends with RA.

Take care,
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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