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Whole inside of Mouth Sloughing Off..

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Hi Friends,

All of the mucus membrane inside of my mouth is peeling off.

I went to the dr. yesterday, and she thought it, related to lupus/shogrens.

She prescribed a mouthwash called (Magic Mouthwash). Apparently, the druggist said that it is a compound and can be mixed a mulititude of ways.

Dr, forgot to write out, which way she wanted it mixed. I remember, she having a antibiotic and steroid in it.

The druggist said..they usually mix it with benedryl, lidocaine, and malox.

Anyway, have any of you had the inside of your mouth peel in such a manner? I am not sure, I understand, how lupus/shogrens can cause it.

If any of you have any knowledge about this at all..I would appreciate your sharing it with me..

Many Thanks,
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Hi Sandy! Yep! My mouth is doing the exact same thing right now. Its been like that for about a month. My rheumy saw it and just shook his head yes and commented that it was thrush. I've been keeping my mouth moist most of the time by drinking a lot of fluids but it really is a pain when you wake up in the morning isn't it?

The joys of auto-immune disease!!:hehe:

Sending you hugs!!

oh my god im really suffering with this exact same problem right now!!! like massive chunks its TOTALLY gross!! i asked my gp and he said it was normal?! he had a look and saw ulcers and commented on them (im in a flare so they are normal!) but he didnt say anything else. grrr its really gross gross gross!!!!!!! in what way would lupus cause it i wonder? xxxx
Hi Sandy

That happens to me from time to time, and despite having Sjogrens I associate it with a particulalry strong peppermint toothpaste I use from time to time directy befoe going to bed. I do have Sjogrens and do get dry at night, but did not realise it could be caused by Sjogrens.

In the morning I can lift quite large sheets of it with my tongue with little effort. However, it does not make my mouth sore, and there is no sign of thrush, so i ignore it - perhaps i should not?

It has never become infected despite being ignored.
i had it the first time i went up on the steriods, now weather that was anything to do with it i dont know, and i got breat big blood blisters too at the time. but its all calmed down this time round ....shshshshshsh!!!

Hopt it sorts out soon Lin xx
Hi Ladies,

Have had a sore throat for a mo..but, it wasn't getting worse. Didn't run a fever, so never went in to the dr.

I never had the peeling of membranes in my mouth to this extent. I have had the sores, in both nose, and throat associated with lupus. I treat those with a steroid paste. It is very effective.

The Magic Mouthwash..which, I call my Willy Wonka is very good for taking away the pain for several hours.

I didn't realise, a risk for infection existed, but apparently so..Alwin. Just something we should be aware of.

Maybe, this dr. not being my regular G.P. panicked, when she saw..I am on Cell Cept. I don't know...At any rate, I am not concerned about it.

I was only wondering if any one else here has experienced something similar.

I thought it was possibly, a drug interaction, or something..similar..since, I was recently put on Triptans for Migraines in addition to all my other medications.

I hope all your mouths feel better soon..I know, it was no fun..:(

Thank You..for all your kind replies.

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Yes, I have had that peeling off of stuff in my mouth for a long time. I have Sjogrens, and I definitely think it is due to that. I've had cultures done of it and nothing ever came of it. My doctors kind of ignored it because they didn't know what it was. I was so embarassed because it would hang off my lips when I would talk. I started using all Biotene products last September, and it is completely gone. I only used regular toothpaste one day and it came back immediately. So I never use anything other then Biotene (tooth gel, mouthwash, and oral gel work great).

I am sending you nice, soft hugs your way.:hug::hug:
I don't have any advice just wanted you to know I am thinking of you.

Me Too!

Yes, I have had the dreaded peeling, and the magic mouthwash which I think tastes absolutely nasty. I recently went to my GP because I had a huge spot on my tongue, about the size of a half dollar, he wasn't sure what it was, he'd never seen anything like it, kind of yellow, leathery. I was using a syringe to put the mouthwash directly on the spot and one day accidentally bumped it and it peeled off in one huge sheet, bled for a little while, then healed totally. The GP said because of all the medications I would be more suseptable to cancer, but thankfully it healed. It may have had something to do with an infected tooth, but who knows? I had it pulled and the dentist refused to give me an antibiotic, though when I called the rheumie doc she gave me some, funny he was pretty quick with the vicodin.....
I used to have peeling on the insides of my mouth and my lips every morning, but it didn't leave anything ulcerated - just sorta sloughed off for the first hour of the day. I was scared it was thrush; my doctor had no idea what it was. After a few months, I changed my brand of toothpaste and it stopped happening. This was before I was diagnosed with any kind of connective tissue disease.

I experience awful dry mouth these days, but not the peeling like before (although I do get mouth sores/ulcers pretty regularly). Sometimes, if I use a different brand of toothpaste for a few days (like if I'm staying with someone), I'll get that peely feeling back, and some skin will roll off from inside my lips/mouth.

I think the tartar control toothpastes are the worst - yes, that's the only thing I could figure out. I haven't gone to any sort of special organic toothpaste or anything - I use aquafresh sensitive.

So, maybe try mixing it up with the toothpaste, and see if that makes any difference?
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The Peel of Paste's Desire

For a while I experienced the same thing, the peeling and gross slimyness!!!

The coulprit: I figured out that it was the toothpaste that did it to me; "some special "Colgate Total Effects" something or other. It was supposed to have all sorts of new ingredients in it and whatnot.

Here's my analysis: I have seronegative arthritis; informal lupus diagnosis (it hasn't been confirmed 100%). The toothpaste did not do this to my husband at all. I experimented with a theory and tried a totally different toothpaste (green gel with flouride, pretty basic stuff) for a week and low and behold only a day and a half into it, the problem stopped. To solidify the theory, I went back to the old toothpaste and used it two days in a row and BAM! There's that nasty peeling in the morning where you wake up like a snail gooed all over your cheeks and lips. Yuck! Everyonne... try using a different brand and style toothpaste from what you're using right now. See if that fixes things. I'm convinced that there's an ingrdient in the toothpaste that just doesn't react well to our already parched mouths and causes the "sloughing".

Good luck to all and to all an unslimy night!
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I have to stay away from the whitening and "fancy" toothpastes because they burn my mouth. Always have. I just stick to the old-fashioned Colgate, Aquafresh or Crest.
I have that happen every time I get a flare up. I too have Sjogrens (Sicca). My mouth is very sensitive to anything spicy and my taste buds have changed too. I have to use childrens toothpaste because adult toothpaste burns my mouth too badly.
Hi Ocgirl,
Welcome to the site.
This post is a very old one (2008 ) You could start a new thread if you like on this subject.

Your hint about using children's toothpaste is a good one. :)

Yes,,, I have the same problem... it isn't currently happening.... but a few months ago it was a problem... it cleared up before I went to the rheumy, so I never brought it up.

thanks ladies!!!
This is an old thread. 2008.
So I am closing it.
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