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why are they taking so long for an approval!

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i dont know why is my insurance taking so long to approve my mri and mra it has been almost 1and a half weeks. what are they waiting for. i am getting nervous i have been getting numbness and what it feels like something is crawling in my head.

what do you suggest i do? i already called my doctor and all they can tell me is that the are waiting for the approval. should i tell them to call my insurance back? or should i call them myself?

(the mri and mra is to check for vasculitis) i never had these strange symptoms before but then again who am i kidding. thats what lupus likes to do.
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Hi Sushi,

Definitely call your doctor and say you are still waiting to hear about the approval. If they didn't send it in, that will get them in gear. If it is the insurance company holding things up they can prod them along. Having dealt often enough with insurance companies I know they can be super slow.

Take care,
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