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Why is Lupus not exempt from NHS Prescription Charges

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Im just trawling the internet to try to find out where I can find a list of which illnesses are included or excluded in paying charges for prescription charges.

Im also thinking about paying a one-off fee which should cover me for charges and anything above what I have paid up front for will not be charged.

Very quickly I was staggered to find the following:

emption policy

[QUOTE]At present, some patients with chronic illness are exempt from patient charges if their condition is on a Department of Health list, originally drawn up in 1968, or if their income is below a certain level.

Patients with chronic illness can also pay £89 up front to cover the costs of their prescriptions over a year. [/QUOTE]

The £89.00 up front cover is Im sure out of date as the article was from 2002.
Im not so sure about the 1968 original list!.

I have a friend who has a thyroid problem and is exempt, even though it is an auto immune disease and a comfortable income.
I have a friend who has m.s who is not exempt, even though hers is also an autoimmune disease.

The lady with M.S is able to get a comfortable income from the government re benefits and never therefore has a lot of financial security and has recovered some of her ability.
Somebody else I know who seems worse off than her in some ways gets nothing and is financially unsecure.

Why do some auto immune diseases qualify and some do not re prescription charges.

I wonder where one goes to ask these questions to enable some change in the system.

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Great information, thanks Claire.

Now a few things are qualified.

I still think they system has holes in it though.

Nicky:) you know if you can get any payments refunded in retrospect?

Ive spent a fortune.

You all rock! Thankyou:)

Now I have such brilliant advice Im on my way to saving a bit of money..
Everything helps:)

Thanks all for your really interesting replies and thoughts.

My feelings about his are running a little stronger than usual, mainly because of the costs I am facing and some general disparity with personal circumstances verses who gets what out of the NHS pot.

I may write more on that but for now I will be honest I need support and factual info before I attempt to write to anybody, an effective first stab chance at getting some real constructive arguements across.
is important.
There are always counter arguements are'nt there.

There does seem to be a disparity issue that Im itching to scratch.

Meanwhile some food for thought in an article I have found.

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Hi Fairy and Deb

A year away will be something and yes in the current economic climate who knows what will happen.

Will take a look at that arthristis site....there are so many considerations. and too many for me to mention here.:)

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