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Why is Lupus not exempt from NHS Prescription Charges

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Im just trawling the internet to try to find out where I can find a list of which illnesses are included or excluded in paying charges for prescription charges.

Im also thinking about paying a one-off fee which should cover me for charges and anything above what I have paid up front for will not be charged.

Very quickly I was staggered to find the following:

emption policy

[QUOTE]At present, some patients with chronic illness are exempt from patient charges if their condition is on a Department of Health list, originally drawn up in 1968, or if their income is below a certain level.

Patients with chronic illness can also pay £89 up front to cover the costs of their prescriptions over a year. [/QUOTE]

The £89.00 up front cover is Im sure out of date as the article was from 2002.
Im not so sure about the 1968 original list!.

I have a friend who has a thyroid problem and is exempt, even though it is an auto immune disease and a comfortable income.
I have a friend who has m.s who is not exempt, even though hers is also an autoimmune disease.

The lady with M.S is able to get a comfortable income from the government re benefits and never therefore has a lot of financial security and has recovered some of her ability.
Somebody else I know who seems worse off than her in some ways gets nothing and is financially unsecure.

Why do some auto immune diseases qualify and some do not re prescription charges.

I wonder where one goes to ask these questions to enable some change in the system.

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I have just bought my pre payment...£104 fpr the year ...whilst i totally disagree with Lupus etc not being exempt its saving me a fortune as my prescriptions are over a £100 per months so £1200 a year...crazy.....
Thank god for the annual prepayment certificate...I am on 19 different meds a month for all my illnesses, it would cost me a fortune. :(

Sheila x
Hi :wavey:

I have a yearly pre-paid certificate too and pay for it by direct debit which they don't charge you interest for paying monthly (how nice of them...........).

I have just been sat here working out how much it would cost me for meds, compression stockings, test strips, creams, sunblock etc etc etc. My eyes nearly popped out of my head :eek::eek::eek: £1533.60 thats without getting antibiotics and any other meds we all need thru out the year.

One thing that really really really bugs me is that i have to wear compression stockings all day every day, they only last 3 months thats if you don't ladder them or get a hole in them (which i do quite often :wink2:) they come in packs of 2 stockings (not available to buy single) but you have to pay 1 prescription fee per stocking - that sucks in my eyes.

Another thing, Claire mentioned
I have thyroxine and was told that as my body is not producing something it should naturally I can have free prescriptions...

Well i have a blood disorder called 'low anti thrombin 3' which basically means my body produces too much of something (hehe can't remember what its called) so my clotting system is over active, so i have to take warfarin to try and prevent any more blood clots (already had 4 dvt's). So should i get free prescriptions, i made enquiries right at the begining - about 7 or 8 years ago and was told i didn't qualify. This also sucks :p:p:p.

Moan over and done with i will just continue to pay my monthly direct debit and get on with life...........

Take care :hug: Jo :hug:

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