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Hi Don & Wife,

Welcome to the board. There is loads of information and caring members.

You wife needs to learn to listen to her body. ( I learned the hard way) When you feel exhausted or fatigued, lay down and take a nap. Don't push yourself, that will make matters worse.

Always use sunscreen, stress = pain.

I have a caring husband who goes to all my doctor appointments. I always say 4 ears are better than 2.:wink2: He remembers things the doctor says and brings up what I have forgotten to ask.

Making a list of your symptoms is very helpful. My rhumey will ask when did it show up, how did it feel, when did it go away. I always seem to get a bit flustered when I go to the doctors. (hubby calls it white coat sydrome;)) Referring back to my journal helps us all.

You are doing a great job helping your wife by posting and asking questions.

What meds has the doctor put your wife on?

Take care and it is nice meeting the two of you.


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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