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Welcome to you and your wife! I am sorry you had to join us, but know that we are a good group, and we will offer any support, advice or answers that we can.

It is good that they figured out what is going on and that they are treating the symptoms.

I was 43 when I was DX, my lupus is not CNS (Central Nervous System) but my husband is as supportive of me as you are of your wife.

All I can say is to go to the Drs when you can, so that when she forgets something you can fill in the gaps...also DO NOT be afraid to ask your own questions of the Dr. My husband asks questions that I haven't even thought about, he also mentions things I might not notice in my behavior or of complaints I have made and forgot to mention.

The other thing he does that is important to me, is he doesn't say no to things, thinking I can't do them...He lets me control what we do or don't do.

I give him time to himself that he needs...he's afraid to go away from home for too long like to play golf, which he needs, so I agree to nap and call when I get up.

All of this will come together as you both work through the health issues...we have no Kids so that will change things for you will find your way.

She is who she always was...with limitations she never had before...she needs to know that it doesnt change who she is, just what she can do.

Good Luck - sorry this was so long - Stephanie
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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