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Wisdom Tooth Removal ?

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Greetings everyone,

I had a wisdom tooth extracted three days ago and the following afternoon my hand and arm became weakened and it is still that way today:sad:. They knew before hand that I have lupus. I called to tell the lady in the office about my situation and she said to stop taking the vicodin that they prescribed, to see if that may help, they also prescribed some antibiotic for me because I had an infection in the tooth. I have not taken either since Friday, and unfortunately I am still experiencing some weakness, I just cannot seem to manuever my hand the same way as before and it's a bit frightening.:worried: My question here today is... does anyone know anyone that this has happened to before? I do not know whether it was the actual procedure OR if it was the meds that I took OR something else. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you ever so kindly. :)
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Hi Lupie,

Weakness is one of the side effects of Vicodine. It is strange that you are only experiencing it in one hand and arm though. I recommend you call the doctor back tomorrow. You need to ask about the antibiotic also. Meanwhile warm salt water rinses will help some with the infection.

Take care,
Have you ever experience lupus weakness before or been tested for a myasthenia overlap? I for example have lupus weakness and notice the more procedures I have the more the anesthesia affects me. Also novacaine and dental procedures takes it out of me, but it's likely I have CNS involvement. It wears off, but takes a while personally. Good luck, I hope they can give you more info.
Interesting thread thanks.

Thanks for this query re the effects after wisdom tooth extraction.

As a teenager I had terrible teeth problems, overbite corrected over years, then teeth had to be filled. Then for any tooth to be extracted by dentist I had antibiotics, as they continued to bleed or caused abcesses.

Then all wisdom teeth had to be extracted over months in four goes. each time antibiotics, and they had to be drilled out, and stitched. A day before my Deb presentation my face was so swollen, just managed.

After 4 children, the teeth fell to bits, and I had to get top false teeth.
Add more years to that, add strokes and seizure to this, and 20 years of Dilantin and then more teeth/gums trouble. Five years ago then all symptoms broke out after dilantin was ceased. I found I was allergic to penicillin, sulfa, Bactrim, Septrin. scalp, etc, etc but the gums became bad, while hands, feet, face being numbed. Oral surgeon was no help, with fever, pain, bleeding gums, lower gum bone-pieces erupting out. X-ray showed one tooth up top never came down.

Then a new denture that cannot be worn mostly, as a huge lump at front of hard palate has grown over 3 years. E/N/T/ no help, dentist thinks to do with sinus roof. Lupus-like symptoms was first d/x last year. Plaquenil has had some effect. Perhaps the new connective tissue specialist, renal and vascular specialists may help soon, but no salivary gland biopsy as yet.

My reading of Bechets disease, Sjogrens positive test, and continuous sinus problems, give me hope that the teeth/gum problems for sufferers like us may be relieved one day in the 1000 faces of mysterious lupus/aps.
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