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Hi Jo

how frustrating!:mad: ..I can truly empathise as I have had a similar experience...

I was diagnosed with RA nearly 15 years ago.... only to be told nearly 2 years ago that I might have RA with lupus overlap.
then about 6 months later (I think?) I was told that I just had lupus because my xrays had shown that there weren't enough erosion's on my bones.....

then only last week another rheumy siad that I have got an RA/lupus overlap because of my joint deformities :rolleyes:
certainley puzzling to say the least :rolleyes:

If being treated privately is an option then yes I would consider it...I went private years ago & it got me what I wanted at the time...however I didn't continue with it because I could see the same rheumy & have the same treatment on the nhs so I didn't see the point.

another thing to remember jo is that blood tests are not conclusive..they can show up positive one minute then negative the next (sorry I can't elaborate though as I am not very knowledgeable at all regarding tests etc :blush: )
are you on any medications at the moment jo? & what is your rheumys view on all this?
also,what is your gp suggesting now?

best of luck to you..hope you get some answers
:hug: karen x
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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