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:)Hi Kris, and welcome. I am sorry that you have such a full plate right now, but Lily is right, we need a little more info from you.First, how old are you? Second, it seems like you have not been seen by a dr. in a long time. Lupus is called the disease of 1,000 faces for a very good reason, it litterally takes almost that long to get diagnosed, because everything imitates it. Ask your GP for a referral to be seen by a Rheumatologist, it will probably take a while to get an appt. Now, begin making a list of your family medical history. Then a list of your medical history, any sickness, surgery's, tests, meds, what bothers you, what helps you, and then make a copy. The one copy you will hand to the Rheumy at the end of the appt. and say that this is for him to put into your file. The other you keep at home and add to it. I seem to be running out of space, so you give us more info on you, and we will try to help with more answers. Lupus is not diagnosed by symptoms alone.:wink2:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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