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Wondering if my symptoms sound familiar?

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I am starting to get desperate because I keep having one thing happen after another. For the past 3 years I've had bladder infections, luckily those pretty much stopped; I've had headaches, some migraines that would get so bad I would have to go to the hospital for an IV. I finally got put on Topamax and it's helped. I was treated for depression and anxiety about a year ago. But most recently, within the last 7 mths, I've had the most problems. I started getting very dizzy to the point of almost passing out and the doctors figured out it was low blood pressure/orthostatic hypotension and I had to get put on midodrine for it. Around the same time I was nauseous, having bowel problems, stomach pain, and could barely eat. I lost weight and got thinner than I already am; I was also having constipation and blood in my stool. When I finally got a EGD and colonscopy last mth, had colon polyp and gastritis, and GERD. They did test for H pylori and it was negative, so the GI has no idea why I would have all that inflammation and the polyp b/c I have none of the risk factors and am very young to have it. I also have constant fatigue even though I almost always get enough sleep.

Shortly after that, (this all started around July 2008) I was getting short of breath; I would take my daughter for a walk outside and get tired after like 2 minutes; I've always worked out and been in shape, I thought maybe it was just the heat bothering me. I finally told the dr about it about 2 mths ago and they sent me for a pulmonary function test and I have severe asthma. I've also had like 3 sinus infections since the summer, have had mouth sores, and these strange nose sores that the dr said looked like a candida fungal infection? She said it's rare to see that in the nose and it was painful. Well now I have this pain when I breath, like when I take deep breaths. I ended up going to ER a few nights ago b/c I couldn't tell if it was my lung or what due to asthma and they did a EKG and chest x-ray and said it seemed muscular, like costochondritis. The dr asked if I've lifted or done anything heavy; there is no way I could have pulled that muscle. It's killing me every time I breathe, cough or sneeze! Also I've had many blood tests done and they are usually normal but my liver enzymes (AST and ALT) are usually elevated and I don't drink alcohol. they've never figured out why. My ANA was tested and it was negative so my dr has kindof not mentioned anything and I was feeling ok until this chest pain started. What other tests can I suggest and can't they do a skin biopsy to diagnose it because I'm also going to see a dermatologist? Pls let me know if any of you have had these kind of symptoms and if this sounds like Lupus!!! I really need some answers.:(
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