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If you are managing it fine and it's not causing you any problems, then I would not mention it to the doctor. I say this because you are not diagnosed, and once the seed of any "mental problem" has been planted in a doctor's brain, then I've seen that used all too often as the reason for a patient's ills.
While this OCD type behavioral problem is mentioned on the "alternative criteria" list, it's not part of mainstream medicine's way of diagnosing lupus.

Phobia's are actually quite commonplace in the general public... more so than most would imagine. Think about how many people panic when they see a mouse, or a snake, or a spider. People have fears of bridges, and water. Many people are germ phobic & constantly use hand santizers or wash their hands. If they don't affect your ability to live your life though, then it's not really much of a problem.

Recently, I've developed a fear of flying myself. Yet, I'm getting on a plane in less than two weeks for our first family vacation. I know I'll manage it fine - I have to! Can't transmit this fear onto my 3 year old daughter ;)
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