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words and lyrics

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Had a thought whilst in the shower: Song words or titles that could be relevant:

Such as Life is a lemon and I want my money back "Meatloaf" very relevant on a bad day!

Or I will survive by Gloria Gaynor!

Or I want my love, my joy, my laugh, my smile, my needs
Not in the star signs
Or the palm that she reads By the Beautiful South!!
I think most people can relate the the first line!!

Just to get the brain cells working at the weekend! Go on have a go you know you want too!:rotfl:

Have a great weekend
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Umm ok :lol:

I get knocked down but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down!"

Very good Lily I had forgotten about that one!!!
Tubthumping and I think they were called Chumbawuba or something really odd like that!

Funny you posted this Clare. My new mechanism to deal with all the stress is song writing. I have about 8 or 9 songs so far. Lately I've been thinking about doing a song for people dealing with Lupus. I tend to be an emotional writer, so it would be a song that we could belt out on our bad days to help us cope. For example, I have a song called "Let Me Out" and it's written for people who felt different, out of place as a child. It does really hit home for some people, but I try to include a coping mechanism or a tip. In this case, it is recognizing that it is up to us to change and take charge of the situation. I'm in the process of re-recording it, but I can post it when it is done (which never seems to come as there is always 1 tiny thing that could be better LOL).

If people want to post their ideas for lyrics I can see what I come up with. Or maybe there are already Lupus songs that I'm not aware of?

Just a thought when I saw your post.


P.S. Just had a thought. Maybe it would be better to focus on chronic pain as there are many other diseases/aliments that are applicable and not just Lupus. I think that is the way I would go.

P.S.S. And if there are other musicians out there that would like to do a collab, let me know. I play guitar and I can do the recording/mixing, etc. I'm very new at the recording/mixing part, so if someone is more experienced in this area, let me know.

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Good on you nutty... such a great tallent... May tallent or so I am told (other than annoying the heck out of everyone!) is photography. I am still a novice really but hey, would love to do a course someday!

If you are writing a song about Lupus, the one thing I have felt initially is isolation and loneliness, just because people are ignorant to the condition and how it can affect us. My bosses have been pretty good about it but others! Well you know how it is if they cant visualise it isn't there. I bet a lot of MS sufferers prob feel the same way, particularly in the begining!

Just a thought.... good luck with the writing

That is a good one to include Claire..."don't judge me by the way I look cause inside I'm suffering".

These are the type of things that are helpful in writing the lyrics. I look for the concepts/ideas and then play with the words until I get it.


Hi Nutty

One of our members, Enrico, wrote a song about Lupus called Dance with the Wolf. Here is a link to his myspace page and you can listen to the song. Of course there is always room for more songs about Lupus!

Wow, he is very talented. I'm not quite that good, but I still write songs anyway. I'm getting better and would love to do one about chronic pain I think. You can post your ideas here or directly to me at nuttysplacegmailcom

Thanks for the link Joan.

I think I'm going out of my head!

So many flares and every time,a doctor would scratch his head & wonder what brought this on??
Since I've had lupus most of my life and fell through the cracks soooooooo many times--it really makes me think of this song
I think I'm going out of head"!:wacko:
I think it's from the 60's? Gosh that sure ages me!!:lol:
Sorry I forget who sang it??
Just a thought about songs and lupus! Unfortunately most of us have felt this way until our symptoms were validated and we finally got a diagnosis! Then the anger set in because we had been so misunderstood and our concerns were underestimated! :mad:Now we need a song about that!!
Just another couple came into my head

I'm going slightly mad and the show must go on or even I'm the invisible man all by Queen... that Freddy Mercury was a talented man

or Living on an Island by Status Quo due to the feeling of loneliness or isolation we get sometime!

Crikey I'm not quite sure where they came from all at once!

"she put her life on the time everytime
Momma hung the clothes on the line"

Chris Williamson & Tret Fury.

It's trying to do those little things that get ya hahahahaha

oh, even "Money money money it must be money in a rich man's world' (yes I have recently been to see momma mia)

Wouldn't mind a bit more of the filthy lucre myself actually, it could definitely ease my life a bit.

love the thread

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I will survive, cause as long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive...:lol:


Life is a highway and I'm gonna ride it all night long.
I have to go with Bananarama's "It's a cruel, cruel summer!" because summers can be so hard on me...
How about "I won't back down" by Tom Petty?

This is a great idea for a thread and I'm thinking on it, I really am but as soon as you said song titles my mind went a total blank!

Sorry Katherine, I'm sure it will come to you...... at three in the morning is usual for me!
Katharine;521177 said:
This is a great idea for a thread and I'm thinking on it, I really am but as soon as you said song titles my mind went a total blank!

Doesn't have to be song titles...just things (struggles or successes even) related to living with chronic pain/lupus. This is easier for me actually then song titles, because a lot of these songs I do not know and I would have to look up the lyrics in some cases to get the jest/message of the song.

Great thread claire :bigsmile:

Hmmmm...I would have to say........"I did it my way" ..Frank Sinatra. because we all have our own ways of getting things done :) without the well meaning advice from family/loved ones :wink2:

love karen x
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