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only work occasionally,as a beautican my boss asked me a few weeks ago to work threedays this weekend cos other girl gone to wedding and its busy due to valentines.i said yes cos felt ok at the time, but now its tomorrow feeling really tired but too late cant let her down as i have appointments.really need a energy boost to help me get through it does anyone have any suggestions for a quick energy boost, i know i am probably asking the impossible,but hate letting people down after making a comittment,
thanks guys
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Hello again Helen,

I'm afraid there are no miracle quick energy boosts. The best thing you can do when something unavoidable like that happens is to get as much rest as possible beforehand. If getting a long nights sleep is not possible then at least make sure that you take naps during the day. Don't do anything that absolutely doesn't have to be done. If shopping is needed over the week-end, try and make sure that it is someone else that does it... generally take the load off as much as possible. During the week-end, if you can rest at all, do so, even if it is to take a nap at work!

Sorry I can't help more but I think we're all faced with this problem from time to time and unfortunately none of us have found the miracle solution.

Hi Helen,

If you have even 10 minutes between appointments put your feet up, close your eyes and think about something you enjoy.

Another thing that helps me is to have toe tapping music playing in the backround.

Instead of going for a long period without eating, add a few nutritious snacks in between.

Good luck. I hope the three days aren't too difficult for you.

Take care,
I know what you are talking about. I get extra rest when I can. Depending on how many days in a row you work and how many hours at a time. Take some fruit to nibble on every now and then. If you can work 4 hours and go home for a few and go back this works for me sometimes. When you are not busy is there a place for you to stretch out and rest for a break between people. If you work one day off one day then use the off day to rest. There is no quick fixes but there are some things you can do to help yourself out.

I wish you the best and make sure to get the extra rest and eat well during this time. Good luck with your 3 days.
I hope you are able to get thru the days ok. It is frustrating when we feel ok one week, and get hit with a sledge hammer the next. grrrr You may need to get to bed for as many zzzz's as possible. At one point, when I was still working, I went to bed no later than 7:30, but was up at 4:45 as well.

For an energy boost, I have found that taking a tablespoon of honey helps to give me the "up" I need. Take plenty of healthy snacks, so you can grab a bit of pick-up between clients. While caffeine is an "up", when it wears off, you crash lower than when you started. You may be better off to keep something like oj or apple juice handy too. I have found that when my blood sugar plumets, I can get more energy out of a can of V-8 juice than any caffeine drink. Keep yourself hydrated.

You will make it, but you may not be up for much of a V's Day yourself. Take a rain check.
I really get a lot from a combo of ginseng and acetyl L carnitine... I don't know if they're even safe for lupies but they help with my energy a lot. Try to sit down as much as you can and stay stress free, that's so important! :)
My motto is "Why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lay down".
x Lola

PS I have been wondering about Beautician training for my Daughter. I would love to hear your experiences when you feel up to it.
Try and get a long nights sleep and try and split up the day with lots of breaks if you can. I find bananas a good energy boost and also nuts - cahsews, peanuts etc (and chocolate :hehe:). Hope you get on ok :)
to lola lola

LolaLola;534065 said:
My motto is "Why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lay down".
x Lola

PS I have been wondering about Beautician training for my Daughter. I would love to hear your experiences when you feel up to it.
hi lola lola
yes beautican a great job, i have been doing it ten years,travelled alot and lived and worked in austrailia for a few years which i loved,
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