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I hope it goes well Diane.
Incidentally I really struggle with mornings (getting up early and functioning within the first hour) so these days I ask for afternoon appointments, and for people not to phone prior to 11am etc.
Most people don't mind at all, and actually it could count as a "reasonable adjustment" that your employer will have to make under the DDA ( DDA stands for "Disability Discrimination Act" so you have to accept that you are "disabled" if you want to use this law)

I had a similar experience as you re work.
Asking for phone consultations, GP appointments etc to be after 11am if possible, actually helped everyone realise what problems I had with Lupus, and just how fatigued I was - for example my first "phased return" involved part time hours but I was still trying to go in for 9am (it did not work) so the next phased return they tried involved seeing if I could do afternoon shifts

Unfortunately my experience is not upbeat and I hope it does not worry you but after several attempts to return to work in the end I got "retired through ill health" as employment was impossible for me (and still is despite having what has been referred to as "mild and stable" Lupus)

I think a lot of what I went through was part and parcel of the procedures that my employer had to follow to support me in going back after sick leave, in getting occupational health to have my medical details/reports etc before they could even consider if I had to go down the "retirement route", etc, etc.

A word of warning - It was actually detrimental to my health to keep pushing myself to try getting back to work (although I think you probably do have to try before you really know how your Lupus and your working life do/do not fit together)
Also I had all the stress and worry re how I could manage financially if I did not work, I got depression re not being able to continue in the career I loved etc, and this was not good either.

In addition I found myself in a "catch 22" situation as initially I was asking my GP, and consultant to say I was fit for work and then I needed them to back up why I was not fit for work, to help in my appeal to get the "ill health retirement"
(Initially after several failed attempts to return to work/ a lot of sick leave/ sick pay running out I was "dismissed due to ill health" but I was not deemed serious or permanent enough to get "retirement due to ill health" and the pension money associated with that, so I had to then appeal that decision/ prove I would have lupus permanently and that it would permanently affect my ability to do any kind of employment)

Please be kind to yourself but be realistic as to your "limitations due to lupus".

Life may have to be very different but that is not necessarily a bad thing (for example I'm now on a tight budget, I'm "retired" yet under 45years old, but my Lupus is much more manageable now and more stable.)
I'm not also trying to push myself to be "working" but instead I'm looking at other ways I can occupy my time and skills that fits in with having Lupus and all that entails.

Re finances as I'm in UK I am entitled to social security benefits (eg I get "incapacity benefit" (IB) that is adjusted according to the fact I also have an "ill health retirement pension" - In order to get this I have to "prove I have "disabilities that prevent me from working" - so I needed supportive GP and consultant etc before I got anything).
Also the benefits system is all changing at the moment (they are bringing in ESA instead of IB and everyone at the moment seems a bit confused how this will affect those of us with lupus who can not work)
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