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Hi Diane,
Heres hoping your workplace will be supportive.
My experience was Boss contacts Occy health, had an interesting talk with them re stress at work not making things any easier. I had found that after a weekend or time off I was able to do a lot more than if i was working a full week_! So it was suggested that I work Monday and Tuesday Have Wednesdays off and then go in Thursdays and Fridays. This seems to be working. Although I still get times when I have to take the odd day off as annual leave fortunately I have worked for the NHS for ages so I get quite a lot of leave compared to some workplaces. Perhaps you could work something like that, of course it means less money but that is not so bad as feeling like pushing through to get to a weekend and then spending it crashed out in bed.I also don't start till 9-30am which helps me to get going!!
Hope you get something sorted , meanwhile hang in there and take it easy --I think I know what you mean about being sick of feeling sick It would be nice to wake up feeling 'Well all Over'for a change!!:)Best wishes Sue
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