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World Lupus Day 10th May

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hey guys...its world lupus day on the 10th of may...whats everyone up to for it? im thinking of a coffee and cake morning at my work...god knows they need more educating!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
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Oh My!!!!! My poor hubby who already has to deal so much with this every day :hehe: It's his birthday on the 10th of May!!!!

He is doing the catering for a brass band concert that friends of ours do each year. Me thinks I will be doing absolutely nothing all day, as in sleeeeeeeeep so that I can attend the concert in the evening :rotfl:

Other than that, yes, I think a little education could be spread around. Especially as over here, I have yet to find even the slightest mention of support for people with auto-immune disorders. All those Belgians with lupus and RA and things like that must be sooooo lonely with it. I know the one or two I have met are kind of desperate and they all miss out on the fantastic support here as they don't speak English.

Thanks for the reminder Mooks and goodonya. I'll get the posters etc out at my GP's, but I will have just come back from a trip so organising anything else won't be feasible


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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