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worried about the next week

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Hi everyone.

I just went to my gp - new one - I really liked him. He seemed thorough and very nice. Horray ! Other than my ekg being abnormal, he sent me off with just regular blood work and urine to be done.

I am scheduled to see the rhemo next Friday. I am having SO MUCH pain in my body and have to take the pain killers which I usually refrain from taking. I have been sleeping 10 hours every day, good thing for that I am laid off right now from work. Feeling quite fatigues.

We just found out our nephew of 21 years of age died in a car accident. They are out of state in Pennsylvania and it is about a 12 hour ride. So now I am not sure about the arrangments but we will be making a trip there next week I assume. I am worried about the travel and my health. Really worried actually. I need that rhemo appointment.

Oh well I guess I will see what date we leave and if I can get in there before then.
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Hallo Paula,

I'm very sorry to hear about your nephew. I hope the trip to pennsylvania goes smoothly. Will hubby be going with you? Hopefully that way you can rest in the car.


Dear paula i am thinking of you ,sorry to hear this sad nesw, take care with the journey

((((((Hugs))))) Lin xxx
Hi Paula,

My thoughts will be with you and your family for your loss.

Rest up as much as you can proir to the trip. Hopefully the weather will be good when you travel.

Good luck with your appointment.

Take care,
Dear Paula,
Of course you are worried about the journey, it is frighteningly long. It is very sad about your Nephew. I hope that you are somehow able to fit in your appointment.
x Lola
((((((((((Paula)))))))))) so sorry to hear about your nephew :( I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope that you can manage the trip and fit the docs appt in there somewhere too. You know how hard it is to reschedule..............but if you explain the circumstances they may be able to fit you in soon.

I am very sorry for your loss Paula. I hope that you can rest up a bit before you have to travel, and that you can rearrange your appointment. Take care of yourself x

I am sorry to hear about your nephew. :hug:

Like everyone said maybe you could get into your rhumey sooner if you told them what was going on.

Take care of yourself.
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