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Worsening joint pain before periods ?

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I've posted in another thread but wondered if anyone can relate to painful, throbbing/hot knees? I'm getting it now and had to take my rxed diclofenac as I now realise when an attack is due. It's 4 days before my cycle restarts and I know it has always affected me this way, that is after my son was born sleeping last year. I tested +ve for lupus antibodies then. I since had 3 mc's. In my last mc I suffered tremendously with my knees to the point where my fiance begged me to see someone as he could feel the heat from my joints. Just wondering if anyone else suffers with their joints when womens troubles are to to arise? xx
Thanks in advance again xx
Rhian xxx
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Yes, many girls suffer before a period, some even have to increase their steroids at this time. Hope this reassures you.
x Lola
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