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Wrong diagnose?

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Hi ,I was reading an internet preview of a book written by Dr. Daniel J. Wallace,do you guys know if this doctor is an authoirty on the disease?
Here is a link to what I read.
Well ,sorry I can't post an URL form other site because I have less that 15 posting said a message .Anyways the name of the book is :The Lupus book:A guide to patients and their families.
I was amazed that he says that a positive ANA in a patient without symptoms of lupus may mean cancer or other disease.
If someone has an opinion in this reading ,please let me know.

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i read that book. its not to bad, gives support to pt and family. sorry dont know anything about th author

All I know is that this book was highly recommended to me when I first got dx with Lupus.

I do not know about the positive ANA without Lupus signs = cancer or something else.

Someone more knowledgeable will be along I am sure.:wink2:

That is the best book on lupus in my opinion. Lots of information and he is the authority on lupus in the USA at least ;)

As to the positive ANA, it must be interpreted with caution.

If positive at a low level (barely positive such as a 1:40, 1:80 or even 1:160 titre) then this can occur in perfectly healthy people and is no cause for concern. It can be positive in lupus or in other autoimmune diseases, and usually at higher titres (like 1:320, 1:640, 1:1280, etc.).

In your case, with ITP, it is likely that is the reason why it is positive as ITP is also thought to be an autoimmune disease where your immune system attacks the platelets. There are other possibilities that need to be considered so I'm glad to hear you will be seeing a rheumatologist soon.

Cancer being the cause of a positive ANA is pretty low on the list of causes for a positive ANA... so I wouldn't worry about it especially in your case.

Hope this helps!
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Borrowed the book from the library.I hadn't found any doctor in my area.I called today to the university of Miami to see if they had a reumathologist that specializes in lupus,they couldn't answer.However,I got an appoinment for a derm there that specializes in lupus for octuber too.Is there any website or directory where I could find doctors ,or a group.The only one that is listed in the ARA is based in New Jersey or somewhere northern.

Thanks so much for your insights.

That was the first book I bought on Lupus. I thougt it was very good, very thorough. I was told as well that he is the expert on Lupus and I tend to agree with that statement (my Rheumy is a very close 2nd).

There is another book that I really like. Someone lent it to me to read and I ended up buying it. It's worth a look if you can get from the library maybe. Here's a link from amazonn as well.

thanks so much,I'll also get that book.So far this book looks very interesting.
Hello Mady
Dr Daniel Wallace is based in CA and is one of the world's top lupus specialists. He is very high profile because of his publications and work in lupus support and awareness.

The Lupus Foundation of America has a Florida chapter.
The American College of Rheumatology has a nationwide directory of rheumatologists with their specialities

While ' The Lupus Book' is certainly the most detailed book on lupus, I question its usefulness for people in your situation. There is a potentially overwhelming mass of detailed information on all aspects of lupus that probably will never be relevant to the average patient.
Why read up all about very complicated issues at this stage when what you really need to know is set out in easily understandable articles on this site, the LFA and a couple of others, dealing with lupus symptoms, diagnosis and testing. Plus the advice you can get on this forum.
I very much like "New Hope for People with Lupus" by Theresa de Foy DiGeronimo. It's especially strong on the mind/body connection, complementary therapies and living well with lupus. But again, that's for when you are diagnosed in my opinion

By the way, books and items ordered from Amazon through this site earn money towards the upkeep of the site which the site founder & owner Joanne funds from her own pocket

PS Why is your post called wrong diagnosis?

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Clare thanks so much for your feedback.
I'm a pharmacist. I can understand the book perfectly. As the matter in fact I whish it would tell more. I have gone to my boxes to pull out immunology texts books, because all that has been forgotten since I don't use it.
The wrong diagnose is because I have the gut feeling that there is something else wrong with me. My goal is to get the correct diagnose whatever this may be. The book is informative about the blood test etc...If I get these tests and they are confounding, I will think lupus, if they are negatives, I’ll think run and fast.
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