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xiphoid process inj.(need advise)

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Has anyone had to have an inj. of steriod or other meds. because of
inflammation in your xiphoid process, my rheumy told me friday
that her was sending me to a pain center to have this done, before
the inflammation gets in my rib bones. I have had pain in this area for
about 6 months to a year and they have thought it was everything from
costocondritis to shingles? and they still aren't sure.
Hope someone has had this done and can give advise....:(
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Hi Pam

I moved your post to Medications as I think its more suited there. I also deleted your duplicate post from Symptoms as it gets confusing to have the same post in different forums.

I dont have any personal experience of this injection but I hope someone can come along soon to help you out. Keep checking your post

Take good care
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