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Yellow non-scaley areas on skin

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Noticed today that I had yellowing of skin in the area where bloods are drawn on both arms (no bloods taken for a few weeks and never taken from left side) and on both hands in area from top thumb joint to the wrist also on both ankles at front!

Does anyone else get this type of diclouration?

Its not scaley, raised or sore just faint yellowing!

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In daylight I have some skin yellowing more noticeable than in ordinary light. Shows up under some shop lighting too. Looks more tanned in some lights. I take mepacrine and put it down to that. On me it seems to be most obvious under my arms, perhaps I am sweating it out!

Do you take mepacrine?


Thanks for your response!

Forgot to say (no idea why), I dont take Mepacrine!

Thought it was my Summer tan too!:wink2:


Apparently this is due to being a little jandice!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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