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"You are very lucky"

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I went today for a physical with my new(ish) MD. He fuly approves of the regimen my retired MD set up. After he had poked and prodded and done all the annual physical things and set up for the extra stuff for the regular blood test and I had mentioned the depression and my dislike of taking pills (and of seeing medicos!) I mentioned about the depression and how I did not want antidepressants until absolutely necessary.... this sentence has definitely gotten out of hand. New start: I mentioned the support systems I have including at least one meeting a week of a group dealing with emotions, the MD looked at me funny and said, "You are very lucky."
And you know what? I am very lucky (or more correctly, very blessed.) I am improving after this last few hellish days of an almost incomparably bad flare. I have some slush in my lungs but its not too bad. I seem to have no further organ involvement and if I can break out of this fatigue I won't have a thing about which to complain. I got the funniest impression that the doctor had a tinge of admiration in his voice. Odd.
Lupus is terrible but we meet such interesting people along the way.
I may be lucky but I will still keep away from gambling!:lol:
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Hi Douglas..

We are very lucky.. especially when we find kindred spirits who can relate to our stories and hearts. You sound like you have an excellent group surrounding you.

I too am very lucky to have a wonderful, unquestioningly supportive husband who is my soulmate and friend as well as very good friends of the kind that just know when you're not OK and don't make a big deal of it but are there if you need them and also of the kind I can say anything in the world to.

thanks Douglas for that little "lucky" reminder,
I agree Douglas, I hears recently... If your breathing in and breathing out then theres more right with you than wrong with you, no matter what's wrong with you :lol:
It sounds like you had a very good visit. I am very happy for your news and if you find the answer for the fatigue please do share with the rest of us. I hope your luck holds out and that your in remission, enjoy it and be blessed as long as you can.
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