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We only know who has birthdays if it appears on the Calendar.See Calendar fifth from the left on the top bar. If you opted for Privacy Hide Age and Date of Birth when you filled in Personal Details your birthday will not be displayed on the Calendar.

To check and change, go to User CP at top left. First on the menu at the left hand side is Your Profile and under that you will see Edit Your Details. The second box down has to do with Birthdays.

It looks like this

Date of Birth

Your date of birth and age are displayed in several places on the forum. Only the administrator will have access to your date of birth should you choose to hide it via the privacy option below.

Month Day Year (Optional)


Hide Age and Date of Birth
Display Only Age
Display Only Day and Month of Birth
Display Age and Full Date of Birth
Clear is used to remove any information already there. There are various options about what to show in the Privacy menu. Click on the one you want.

Don't forget to scroll right down and click Save Changes when you have finished making any changes

Please let us know if you have any problems, but nobody except yourself can access your User CP


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