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your thoughts on urine

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Hi there.

Just picked up my copy again of urine results. I had 3 I think prior which started to show protein 1+ and then had the 24 hour urine which was normal ( I am not sure I did that test properly as I started at 8:00 and then it said urine in morning and that is it, but that was at 5:00 a.m. and I didn't urine after that ) anyways, the test done yesterday now says protein 2+, along with of course, blood, bacteria, mucus, etc.

My most concern of course being the protein.

Do you think this means it is worsening, where it is 2+ now and do you think they should be doing something more, or no?

Just looking for experience through you as I go to rhemo tomorrow.

thanks for your input.
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Hi Paula,

I reckon you should have another 24 hour collection done. Do you have time between now and your appointment tomorrow to do one and take it with you? Any clean, soap free bottle will do. Your last collectionwas probably OK. Ideally you need to pee in the toilet, note the time, then collect all the urine thereafter until that time the next day, then at that time pee in the bottle, then stop the collection.

Good luck tomorrow, and if you've not got time to take the sample with you, ask your rheumatologist about doing one after the appointment. He should agree.

I agree with Cath on another 24 hour test being appropriate, and possibly a urine culture if the bacteria levels are high enough to be indicating infection of some sort instead of simple contamination. Your doctor may suggest it at the appointment tomorrow and give you a container too and then you could do it on the weekend ending Monday morning (would be nice if you're back to work now...).

What is happening on the job front by the way? I've been wondering what you are thinking about the different job(s) that may have come up since your last post.
heya, you said that there was protein along with bacteria? do you have a uti? bacteria is made of protein therefore if you have a uti you would expect to find protein in your urine until it is cleared. are you on antibiotics? xxx
I am doing another 24 hour urine and this time doing it right now that I have an instruction sheet.

Also my wbc was fine and I have no symptoms of UTI so I don't think I have that and I don't believe they think it either.
Hi Maia,

Nope nothing on the job front. There are no postings and I believe because of the holidays. I don'tthink any companies will really hire before xmas so hoping the new year brings in new jobs.

My family says "you need to rest" and think it is good to get this rest now.

My rhemo's response....good you can rest up now.......

But I see their point, but am very eager to get back to work too.

Thank you for asking.
Hi Paula

Ive had a result of protien+ and blood +++ with no bacteria/uti infection.

My GFR filteration rate from the creatinine tests from blood taken is nice and steady, as it had been for a long time

If there were trends of decline or incline in my GFR to a great or lesser degree then I would need to worry,,but all is steady so Im not.

The fact that there is contamination in my urine is being tested as it well should be.

My doctor told me that urine alone is not always sufficient as a test and blood tests are needed also.

So its important to keep it checked but Im thinking my sample may have been contaminated rather than an infection.

My next urine sample is required in the middle of my monthly cycle to rule out one form of contamination.
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