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Flower Remedies and Lupus


The Bach flower remedies are 38 homeopathically prepared plant & flower based remedies, each one specially devised to treat a different feeling.

The remedies are named after an English physician, Dr Edward Bach, who discovered their use in the 1930s after some 20 years of research into human nature, & the relationship between the personality & mental outlook & its effect on chronic disease.

They are used to aid well being & focus on the user's state of mind, rather than their physical complaints. This is because state of mind or moods not only hinder recovery of health & convalescence but are generally accepted as potential causes of sickness.

They are infusions of various flowers in water preserved in alcohol, & taken directly in the mouth (2-3 drops on the tongue) or diluted in water & drunk.

To choose the remedy you need, first pick one of the seven categories that best describes your frame of mind & then match the exact mood you're in with the appropriate Bach Flower remedy.

Aspen -  Fears & worries of unknown origin
Cherry plum  -   Fear of mind giving way
Mimulus -    Fear of known things
Red chestnut  -  Fear or over-concern for others
Rock rose  -  Terror

Despondency or Despair
Crab apple  -   Self-hatred, sense of uncleanliness
Elm -   Overwhelmed by responsibility
Larch   -  Lack of confidence
Oak   -  Exhausted but struggles on
Pine   -  Self-reproach, guilt
Star of Bethlehem   -  After effects of shock
Sweet chestnut -   Extreme mental anguish
Willow   -  Resentment

Heather   -  Self-centredness, self concern
Impatiens  -  Impatience
Water violet   -  Proud, aloof

Insufficient interest in present circumstances
Olive   -  Lack of energy
White chestnut   -  Unwanted thoughts, mental arguments
Wild rose   -  Resignation, apathy
Honeysuckle   -  Lives in the past
Chestnut bud  -   Failure to learn from past mistakes
Clematis   -  Dreaminess, lack of interest in present
Mustard   -  Deep gloom with no origin

Over-care for the welfare of others
Vine   -  Domineering, inflexible
Vervain   -  Over-enthusiasm
Beech   -  Intolerance
Chicory   -  Selfishly possessive
Rock water   -  Self repression, self denial

Over-sensitivity to influences & ideas
Holly   -  Hatred, envy, jealousy
Centaury   -  Weak-willed & subservient
Agrimony   -  Mental torment behind a brave face
Walnut   -  Protection from change & outside influences

Hornbeam   -  'Monday morning' feeling
Gorse  -   Hopelessness & despair
Gentian   -  Discouragement, despondency
Scleranthus  -   Uncertainty, indecision
Wild oat   -  Uncertainty as to correct path in life
Cerato -   Seeks advice & confirmation from others

Bach Rescue Remedy is a combination of five Bach flower remedies to help you cope with life's ups & downs.




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